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Старый 10.05.2015, 10:07   #1
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Spaghetti: looking for arma1 warfare missions

Hi guys, may be some old player can remember me.... i played on arma 1 lot of times...

I just installed arma 1 again, but i miss some old multiplayer missions (because i lost my HD): i am looking for WARFARE multiplayer mission on Sahrani island... particularly i liked that one with gold mine on north of map.

Do you still have some missions? Can you tell me where to download (not found on armaholic... just a couple)?

My e-mail is: [Только зарегистрированные и активированные пользователи могут видеть ссылки. ]

Thank you all and bye bye all, expecially to soldiers that was at GG-58 when Corazol was destroyed :-)

PS: a friend of mine wants to port arma1 warfare on arma3 !!!
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Старый 10.05.2015, 13:02   #2
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Hi. We remember you))
Watch the link. Look for different options in messages fantom 16 and REDWARRIOR
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Старый 21.08.2015, 08:49   #3
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Hi, Spaghetti! We made lot of change since you v been seen on this mission. I installed Arma 1 as well, but its important to play with real players, so its no interesting to pay offline
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Старый 25.08.2015, 17:58   #4
ArmA Admin
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Hi " How old are you?" Spaghetti: "If i tell you, i can be banned".
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